Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I will start blogging soon


Privet, hello everybody... welcome to my blog!
THE RUSSIAN is something like an experiment - I want to share with you some inspirations and my personal style.
First I want to mention that my whole family comes from the beautiful city Saint Petersburg which is in Russia, so I kinda grew up with that culture. I always loved the hearty and tasty food of my lovely grandma, the person I adore and have the most respect for. But not only she is the most important person in my life - my whole small family and my lovely friends are very important for me, so this people call me  a warmhearted and caring person, which is always there if somebody is in need. I am an  18 years old student and I live in the german city Hamburg. I absolutely love this city, here I feel at home. I study Business Administration and paralelly do an apprenticeship in a German bank working in the Cash Management and International Business. I like to dress up and combining different clothes together - I experiment a lot with my style. Fashion is my biggest passion...besides travelling! I hope to visit so many interesting countries and get to know many different faces!

I used to have some fashion blogs in the past, but I shared only recent news in the fashion industry. After some time I realized that I got bored of it. So I changed the concept and started a new blog. In my opinion it's much more interesting to share own street style pictures...
 Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my blog!:)
Wish you a wonderful day :)

Love, The Russian

PS: I will start the blog this winter 2012, because now I am quite busy. Stay tuned by scrolling down and becoming a follower (only possible if you got a blogger account). Or you can just keep this blog in mind if you want, I'd be glad to welcome you back soon. In addition I have an official facebook site where I will post things of what I'm currently doing, where I am or what I love. When I will start blogging (which will be this summer) I will publish this facebook site that you can join too, if you want to. If you use bloglovin', you can follow me there to be updated.
 I am looking forward to this all and I really can't wait to start!:)