Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I will start blogging soon


Privet, hello everybody... welcome to my blog!
THE RUSSIAN is something like an experiment - I want to share with you some inspirations and my personal style.
First I want to mention that my whole family comes from the beautiful city Saint Petersburg which is in Russia, so I kinda grew up with that culture. I always loved the hearty and tasty food of my lovely grandma, the person I adore and have the most respect for. But not only she is the most important person in my life - my whole small family and my lovely friends are very important for me, so this people call me  a warmhearted and caring person, which is always there if somebody is in need. I am an  18 years old student and I live in the german city Hamburg. I absolutely love this city, here I feel at home. I study Business Administration and paralelly do an apprenticeship in a German bank working in the Cash Management and International Business. I like to dress up and combining different clothes together - I experiment a lot with my style. Fashion is my biggest passion...besides travelling! I hope to visit so many interesting countries and get to know many different faces!

I used to have some fashion blogs in the past, but I shared only recent news in the fashion industry. After some time I realized that I got bored of it. So I changed the concept and started a new blog. In my opinion it's much more interesting to share own street style pictures...
 Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my blog!:)
Wish you a wonderful day :)

Love, The Russian

PS: I will start the blog this winter 2012, because now I am quite busy. Stay tuned by scrolling down and becoming a follower (only possible if you got a blogger account). Or you can just keep this blog in mind if you want, I'd be glad to welcome you back soon. In addition I have an official facebook site where I will post things of what I'm currently doing, where I am or what I love. When I will start blogging (which will be this summer) I will publish this facebook site that you can join too, if you want to. If you use bloglovin', you can follow me there to be updated.
 I am looking forward to this all and I really can't wait to start!:)


WhatsTrendingNow said...

Hey Good Luck on the blog. Let me know when u start blogging - would love to read your views :) Also would love for you to check my blog out


Yeliz Selvi said...

Sounds amazing doll. so so looking forward to all the new space. So proud also that you have such a dedication to this life. LOVED and FOLLOWED! Xx

Bruna Marx said...

Good luck!

FashionCherry said...

Hey...wow that really is a stunning pic of you...


Gabriella said...

Love that photo you. Great blog, look forward to seeing more!


Anobano's Blog said...

good post :) Im following you so please follow me back :) WWW.ANOBANOOO.BLOGSPOT.COM

supernovachick said...

Hii :) I totally agree, it's a lot more fun posting your own personal style photos than news, and I admit I thoroughly enjoy looking at street fashion than designer stuff, so yay ^^

supernovachick.com - small GIVEAWAY on my blog <3

Ashley Isaacs said...

can't wait to see the stuff you start blogging about...I am intrigued.......xx


UPTODAY di Francesca Bertini said...

good luck darling!

do u see my italian blog??!!




MolDiva said...

Found your blog right now and i am really impressed by your style dear.
Follow me on bloglovin please and i do the same back



Tatiana said...

Привет) Я Таня, очень заинтересовал твой блог, т.к. сама как раз затеяла что-то в этом роде. Будет очень интересно следить за твоим блогом)

Phuong said...

beautiful picture of you!

Travel in Style

jas said...

best of luck!


Kayla said...

We should follow each other :)


Amanda Park said...

you have quite a lovely face
follow each other, m'dear?


Clara Turbay said...

Great job i´ll be back soon.

Fashionthrougthravel said...

Good luck with the blog! Sounds like an interesting one :)
Let us know when you start writing!

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Have fun blogging!:)

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Vera said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

146 leser ohne einen einzigen post, lol. aber das klingt ja auch vielversprechened. :)

Unknown said...

cool, started following u